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Jacey Kaps Talks About Digital ADA Compliancy on “The Tech Chef,” a Restaurant Technology Podcast

During the podcast, Jacey Kaps talks with host Skip Kimpel, Chief Information Officer at 4R Restaurant Group, about the prevalence of ADA Compliance litigation in the restaurant and hospitality industry.

“The focus tends to be on the hospitality side,” noted Kaps during the discussion. In addition, he points out that there is a tendency for these cases to be “sue & settle” types of cases where the objective is not necessarily to make any  type of sustained change to the organization itself , a noble goal he points out. Instead, the vast majority of cases, 82%, are filed by 10 law firms.

While larger organizations are not immune to these types of complaints, they typically have the resources to put up a fight and take steps to remediate, which leaves smaller organizations even more vulnerable to these types of complaints.

Organizations should take proactive measures to ensure websites and apps are accessible and include an accessibility statement on website. And, because there are not any strict guidelines in place, it is always a good idea to speak with counsel regarding appropriate measures to avoid litigation.

Listen to the podcast.

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