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LaShawnda Jackson: Making History as the First African American President of the Orange County Bar Association, The Trial Advocate

The Florida Defense Lawyers Association’s The Trial Advocate featured Orlando partner LaShawnda Jackson in the November 2020 issue to talk about her historic presidency as the first Black President of the Orange County Bar Association (OCBA).

LaShawnda Jackson is the first Black President of the OCBA

The article accurately portrays LaShawnda as one who typically shies from the limelight, but understands why the media is interested in the woman behind this historic event. However, she has made clear time and again that she does not want to be the “face of the OCBA.” The reason is simple and compelling: she believes media coverage and social media buzz about the association should be focused on the numerous ways the OCBA serves and benefits sboth the legal community and the community at large, rather than its current leader.

LaShawnda is looking forward to helping form the “big picture” of the association’s efforts this term and supporting the board members and committee leaders to succeed in their endeavors. Again, she emphasizes, her role is to serve the membership and allow them to shine in the spotlight.

With many challenges ahead during this pandemic year, LaShawnda believes that the OCBA is up to the challenge in keeping its members engaged and providing value for their membership dues.

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