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Preparation and Hard Work are at the Heart of Suzanne Singer’s Practice

Preparation and Hard Work are at the Heart of Suzanne Singer’s Practice

Suzanne Singer, a partner in RK’s Miami office, focuses her practice in the areas of employment and labor law, casualty defense and professional liability. She stresses that the key to success is dedication, hard work and preparation.

Suzanne describes much of her work as a complicated puzzle, culminating in an image most favorable to her clients. “I’m very competitive and I enjoy uncovering every detail of a case, organizing the information, and utilizing it to the benefit of my client. The goal is to place your client in the best position to achieve a reasonable settlement, summary judgment or defense verdict. ”

Early on, Suzanne knew she wanted to be a lawyer. Although she was awarded academic scholarships throughout law school, Suzanne worked through law school. “My mother was a legal secretary for a large firm in the 1980’s which was my first exposure to the practice of law. She had lots of stories about attorneys behaving badly. She died at a young age and while I was still in college. When I decided to go to law school, and began practicing law, I was uniquely conscious about treating others with the upmost respect. I think she would have been proud.”

“It took me a while to figure out my niche and place in my profession.” “After working for the Federal and then State government, I went into private practice with a defense firm and then plaintiff’s malpractice firm. I just didn’t know what I wanted to do, including whether I wanted to continue to practice law,” Suzanne recalled. While taking some time off, Suzanne was introduced to an RK lawyer who told Suzanne that the firm was hiring and persuaded her to apply. That was 15 years ago. “This is home and where I want to practice law until I don’t want to practice anymore,” Suzanne said.

“Being a part of RK is like being a part of a big, extended family.” Not only do we have a talented group of lawyers and staff, but the camaraderie here is second to none,” Suzanne said. “You feel like part of a family.” Recently Suzanne returned home to Miami from a trip to Paris, touching ground as the terrorist attacks were happening on November, 13. “I came home and shut off my phone to get some sleep. The next morning, I had a number of messages and texts from work to make sure that I made it home safely. That was very moving.”

One of the critical lessons Suzanne has learned over the years is the importance of relationships. Relationships and earning respect from your colleagues, clients and adversaries lead to greater career satisfaction. “Always take the high road,” Suzanne advises. “Attorneys sitting across the table today, may be sitting next to you tomorrow. Treat others with dignity and civility. It goes a long way in building good relationships that will serve you well in unexpected ways throughout your career.”

While Suzanne admits her work can be very stressful, she says that frequent exercise helps. “I exercise about four to five times per week. Getting to the gym in the morning helps me throughout the day. It gives me a ton of energy and is a great way to relieve stress.” Traveling is also a great way to relax for Suzanne, but finding the time is challenging. When she does travel, she makes it count. “I love being immersed in other cultures. It really gives me perspective. Also, I’m a bit of a gourmand which also explains my dedication to the gym.”

At home, Suzanne enjoys the company of Max, her English Labrador, Charlie, her Terrier, and Jack, the cat. Although she’s much smaller than the 75 pound Max, at 15 pounds, Charlie the terrier, has the larger than life attitude. “I have a special place in my heart for animals, particularly Labs. Max has an uncompromisingly sweet nature and, as long as he is eating, swimming or sleeping, he’s very happy. This frustrates Charlie who always wants to play. And Jack, he just puts up with us all.