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During a webinar presented by the Orange County Bar Association, partners Sally Culley, Linda Bond Edwards, and Chase Hattaway discussed the challenges businesses face as they look to reopen while COVID-19 remains a concern.  They provided tips for employers to develop and implement re-opening policies that address concerns of providing safe and healthy workplaces during a pandemic. Some key points they covered included:

  • Develop a detailed re-opening plan for employees.  Ensure that employees are given clear guidelines on what is expected of them. 
  • If some employees are allowed to continue working remotely, the remote working guidelines should be established to ensure consistency.
  • If possible, bring employees back gradually and stagger employees’ schedules to limit the number of employees in the office.
  • Consider every aspect of the work and workplace in determining a re-opening plan, and provide signage to remind employees of healthy habits.
  • Limiting access to common areas and commonly-used equipment and supplies, and providing masks and hand sanitizer, can help to reduce risks of infection.
  • If employees work at home on a full time or part time basis, ensure that hourly employees accurately keep track of their time.
  • Don’t forget about employee morale- be encouraging and positive and ensure that leaders are modeling safe behavior.

In addition, the Clerk of Court discussed various efforts to ensure social distancing in the Clerk’s operations, as well as what the future might hold for courthouse operations.

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