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Richard Greenberg Talks with WCTV: Last Clemency Meeting Ahead of Election More Generous than Normal

In a report this week by Jake Stofan for WCTV-Tallahassee, Richard Greenberg said, “John Oliver will probably take most of the credit. If you watched his show the other night, it was an expose on how the clemency process has been handled in the state of Florida the last few years. I think it’s a good step forward to be granting more of these applications."

Greenberg often represents clients seeking clemency and serves as president of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

The report noted that officials were more generous than in the past and granted clemency to most who showed up for the meeting. A lower court ruled Florida’s clemency process unconstitutional and the process is pending review from a federal appeals court. In addition, Amendment 4 will be on the ballot for Florida voters in November, which would automatically restore the right for non-violent felons to vote.

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