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RumbergerKirk Cybersecurity Attorneys Featured in Florida Bar News

The article written by attorneys  Justin Guido and Jacey Kaps called “A Spam Story” provided source material for the front page story in the October 15, 2017 edition of The Florida Bar News. Gary Blankenship, Senior Editor of The Florida Bar News, relies on and heavily quotes the work of Berlin, Guido, and Kaps citing their recent post in The Bar’s Practice Resource Institute (“PRI”) blog. Their post discusses a recent First DCA case in which a law firm sought relief after a default setting on the law firm spam filter prevented it from receiving an important order awarding attorney’s fees against the firm’s client. After the spam filter issue was recognized, the law firm sought relief from the attorney’s fee order but that petition was refused by the Court on the basis that the offending spam filter setting and surrounding circumstances did not constitute “excusable neglect.” This hard lesson comes as a stern warning to law firms about how they use the technology at their disposal and the risks that come with reliance on default firewall settings.

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