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Rumberger Ships Fall Care Packages across the Globe in Support of our Troops

Rumberger Ships Fall Care Packages across the Globe in Support of our Troops

Former Care Package Recipient Joined in Packing the Boxes

RumbergerKirk assembled 49 boxes filled with personal hygiene items, socks, snacks, coffee and other supplies to troops serving overseas last week. The boxes are destined for locations across the globe including Diego Garcia, the U.S.S Harry Truman in the Persian Gulf, and Qatar. In addition to the usual supply, these boxes included a number of donated movies and chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers to make s’mores.

Special guest Justin Walters, a Marine who was assigned to the U.S. Embassy in Mali, Africa, joined in packing boxes in Orlando this time with his mom. Justin’s group had the benefit of the firm’s support for three shipments and wanted to let everyone know how important the support boxes are to those who are deployed.

 “We couldn’t accomplish this amazing project without the support of so many who choose to participate or without the support of our leadership,” said Lisa Griffin, a legal assistant at the firm who started this program in 2009 when her son was serving in the Marines in Iraq. “Time after time, we receive donations of supplies, money to pay for the shipping and help in packing the boxes during lunch. All of the offices participate and this time Tampa sent six boxes of their own!” she added.

In addition to having help from Justin and his mom, Orange Legal and Milestone Reporting also helped pack boxes.