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Suzanne Hill Helps Women Boost their Legal Careers with Advice on Finding Mentors and Sponsors at the Women in Law & Leadership Summit

Last week in Atlanta, the Women in Law & Leadership Summit explored the career obstacles, risks and rewards on the path to a fulfilling and productive career for women lawyers. Suzanne Hill joined a panel of experts to talk about mentors, sponsors and how to use them to create growth in your organization and network.

The discussion focused on “building your personal board of directors,” and included tips for finding the right mentor, the importance of building mentor relationships and how to approach someone to be a mentor. Don’t just ask someone to be your mentor. Establishing a relationship of trust first, is key.

On the topic of sponsorship, the discussion focused on the difference between mentorship and sponsorship, and the significance that sponsorship plays in advancement or promotion. Have an understanding that before a sponsor will use their valuable political clout with organizational leadership to promote you, they need to know that you have what it takes to bring quality and excellence to the job or position.

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