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“The New Normal: Allowing Employees to Work Remotely on a Permanent Basis? Create a Telework Policy,” Orlando Business Journal

“Now that many employers are finding their employees can work from home successfully, they are considering making that a more permanent option,” writes Orlando partner Sally Culley in an article she wrote for the Orlando Business Journal on July 17, 2020.

In the article, Culley writes that for employers looking to allow or require employees to work from home, it is a good idea to prepare a written teleworking policy that sets out the expectations and procedures of the employer.

This policy should include:

  • The identity of the employees or positions that are eligible for teleworking
  • Procedures for requesting a teleworking schedule
  • Any requirements for dedicated workspaces and safety concerns
  • Timekeeping procedures: clocking in and out, and how and when to take breaks
  • The amount of time employees are expected to work each day or pay period
  • How the work and productivity will be monitored
  • What materials and equipment are required and who will pay for it
  • Procedures for addressing IT issues or problems with other equipment
  • Who will pay for other things needed to do the work, like phone chargers and Wi-Fi
  • What security features are required to protect confidential or trade secret information
  • Any dress code requirements for employees who interact by video with others
  • Whether the employer has the right to make on-site visits and, if so, under what circumstances
  • Insurance requirements, if any

Culley notes the importance of acknowledgement by the employee that he or she has received, reviewed, and understands the policy and agrees to follow it. In addition, employers should apply the policy in a consistent manner, to avoid claims of favoritism or discrimination.

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