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Women Faces in the Law 2023: Linda Bond Edwards

Women Faces in the Law 2023: Linda Bond Edwards

Featured in “Tallahassee Women Faces of the Law” blog post, RumbergerKirk Labor and Employment attorney Linda Bond Edwards shares her professional motto and message of empowerment to other women. In the profile, “Linda Edwards: A Beacon of Preparedness and Confidence,” she shares her journey from a human resources professional to becoming an attorney.

“Linda’s transition to the legal profession attests to her unwavering determination. With a background as a human resources professional in a Fortune 100 company, she harbored a long-standing aspiration to attend law school. When the opportunity finally presented itself, she embraced it wholeheartedly, leaving her corporate career behind to embark on a new path in sunny Florida.”

The article also highlights Linda’s many accomplishments and successes over the years and her commitment to empowering other women and giving back to her community.

Her advice for success? Listen to others.

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