In todays’ digital landscape, security and efficiency matter. As information is passed between you and our attorneys, you need to be sure it’s safe.

RumbergerKirk embraces technology and all its advantages, such as increased productivity and efficiency, risk management, cost containment, and an overall ability to deliver excellent service to clients.

Enhanced Security

Our attorneys have any-time access to firm resources, enabling communication, legal research and client service whenever needed. We require multi-factor authentication to ensure that only the appropriate people have access to these resources when working remotely, whether they are working on remote desktops, web email, or other cloud-integrated services. We also utilize next-generation firewalls with both Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) at the gateway, as well as additional internal firewalls for network segmentation and east-west traffic control and monitoring.

System Redundancy

Our network infrastructure involves highly available, hyper-converged infrastructure (N+1 fully redundant) in our primary data center, with a mirrored set of high availability hyper-converged systems in our secondary data center. These servers are configured to store all client data encrypted-at-rest. The servers replicate at regular intervals between the data centers, as well as frequent snapshots for ease of recovery.

Our email infrastructure is configured with load-balanced redundant servers, replicated in real time, and is fronted by a cloud-based system providing email hygiene, anti-virus/anti-malware/anti-phishing, archiving, and 100% uptime business continuity in case of site or system outage. Our IP-based phone system and SIP trunks are redundant across multiple cities.

In the event of an office closure, we don’t anticipate having to shut any of the systems for weather or other regional related events, as our servers are located in a secure data center. Additionally, an event that requires the closure of one office will not affect another office’s ability to access system resources, and any services that need to remain operational can be moved to another office as needed or may be accessed remotely.

Structured Data

Our firm securely stores client data in a state-of-the-art document management system with full auditing and security controls. In some cases, it is necessary to store client data in unstructured data repositories. In those cases, we work with our clients to build policies around ensuring that unstructured data repositories are being monitored, so that data can be properly managed and secured through full-text auditing of those repositories. Knowing where our client’s data resides, and securing that data, is vital to ensuring the safety of our client’s information.