Signeo International Ltd et. al. (a/k/a Soul by Ludacris) v. SOL Republic

Lan Kennedy-Davis was lead counsel for Plaintiff. This case involved trademark infringement and unfair competition by Defendant. Plaintiff manufactured and sold headphones under the brand “SOUL by Ludacris”. “SOUL” was a registered trademark with the USPTO owned by Plaintiff. Defendant sold headphones under the brand “SOL”, and caused confusion in the marketplace between “SOUL” and “SOL” headphones. Plaintiff filed an action against SOL for trademark infringement and sought an injunction against SOL. SOL agreed to change its branding to “SOL REPUBLIC” for clear distinction and to never use the word “SOL” standalone again. SOL agreed to make this change throughout all aspects of its business, including in its packaging, sales and marketing material. This case was litigated in United States District Court, Northern District of California
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