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Supreme Court Rejects Community Caretaking Doctrine to Authorize Warrantless Search of Home to Seize Firearms

The 21st Century law enforcement officer serves a variety of public service functions, only some...

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It’s No Joke: First DCA Upholds Statutory Fines Against Individual Officials for Violations of Florida Firearms Preemption

The Florida Legislature has clearly staked out its role in legislating firearms regulations.  It remains...

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On-Duty Law Enforcement Officers are Entitled to Invoke Marsy’s Law Victim Confidentiality

Marsy’s Law was approved by Florida voters in the 2018 general election and amended Article...

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A Seizure by Any Other Name: US Supreme Court Affirms Centuries Old Rule Regarding the Use of Force and the Seizure of Criminal Suspects

In a divided opinion, the United States Supreme Court recently corrected the Tenth Circuit’s divergence...

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Qualified Immunity: The Commonly Misunderstood Defense and Opponents’ Efforts to Expose Law Enforcement Officers to Financial Ruin

Recent unrest has thrust the doctrine of qualified immunity into the spotlight.  Many of those...

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Florida Governor’s Executive Order 20-91: Florida is Closed, Violators are Subject to Custodial Arrest

The rapid spread of novel coronavirus (COVID 19) throughout Florida has created unprecedented challenges for...

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Florida Supreme Court Resolves Conflict, Extends Stand Your Ground’ Immunity to LEOs

Originally published by on January 19, 2019, David Marsey discusses Florida’s statutory immunity from criminal...

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The People Have Spoken: Marsy’s Law and its Impact on Law Enforcement Agencies

Published in Florida Police Chief’s Association, Green Alert, December 28, 2018 Marsy’s Law was approved...

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Back to the Basics: Cost Effective Strategies for the Reduction of Law Enforcement Liability

Originally published in The Florida Police Chief Magazine, April 18, 2018 Law enforcement risk management...

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The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act: Fundamental Changes to Florida's Gun Laws

Originally published in The Florida Police Chief Magazine, March 12, 2018 The Parkland school shooting has...