Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith

Fourth DCA Opines: When Insurance Policy Cancellation Requires Notification

In Svetlana Spielberg vs. Progressive Select Insurance Company, the Fourth District Court of Appeal confirmed...

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Cyber & Technology

Third DCA Defines Scope of Duty for Security Services Contracts

When it comes to defining a security company’s obligations, words may speak louder than actions....

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Cyber & Technology

Pandemic-based Cyber Attacks, Phishing Schemes & Data Breaches: Oh My!

Never let a crisis go to waste. This appears to be the maxim of cyber...

Cyber & Technology

What Can Marketers Learn from COVID-19 Privacy Considerations?

Contact-tracing during COVID-19 raises data privacy implications for restaurants.  It cannot be argued that COVID-19...

Casualty Litigation

4th DCA Declines to Impose Duty of Care on Security Company Employer of Pulse Nightclub Shooter

Security companies may be liable for criminal acts committed by their security guards while on...

Casualty Litigation

The Right To Be Secure Against Unreasonable Search and Seizure of Overseas Electronic Data?

Originally published in the November 6, 2017 online edition of the Daily Business Review A...

Cyber & Technology

Clickwraps and Browsewraps Oh My! Terms of Online Vendor Agreements – Are They Enforceable?

Often times, in seeking to enforce a term or condition of an online transaction, such...

Cyber & Technology

Enforcing Browsewrap Agreements: Don’t Make the Fine Print Too Fine

“Reprinted with permission from the March 29, 2017 issue of Daily Business Review. ©2017 ALM...

Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith

Four-Corners Rule Carries the Day on Hurricane Claim

“Reprinted with permission from the January 23, 2017 issue of Daily Busines Review.  ©2017  ALM Media...