Commercial Litigation

Let’s Make A NIL Deal Part II: High School Student-Athletes Look to Get into the NIL Game

Less than six months after the U.S. Supreme Court’s NCAA v Alston decision, which opened...

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Commercial Litigation

Let’s Make a NIL Deal Part I: The Type of Deal Depends on the Athlete’s State Law or Institution

Less than a year ago, the NCAA removed a number of limitations on student-athletes’ ability...

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Employment and Labor

Governor DeSantis Signs New COVID-19 Related Laws that Have Immediate Effect in Florida

As all are keenly aware, the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects have “had far-reaching effects,”...

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The Transformation of Education in Florida

The education system in Florida has undergone a transformation over the last 50 years that...

Employment and Labor

President Biden Announces Expansive Action Plan to Combat COVID-19 Pandemic

On September 9, 2021, President Joseph Biden released his COVID-19 Action Plan titled “Path Out...

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Commercial Litigation

College Athletes Should Proceed with Caution When Offered an Endorsement Deal Under New NIL Bill

Following a unanimous ground-breaking decision delivered by the U.S. Supreme Court in NCAA v. Alston,...

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Cursing Cheerleader Wins at Supreme Court, but Schools Retain Ability to Punish Certain Off-Campus Speech

In the colorfully known “cursing cheerleader” case, the U.S. Supreme Court found a student’s school...

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Justices Show Little Spirit for Expanding Tinker: SCOTUS Wrestles with Appropriate Standard for Regulating Off-Campus Student Speech

In 1969, the Supreme Court recognized both that students do not surrender their First Amendment...


Is School Policy for Transgender Student Bathroom Use Discriminatory Under Title IX?

School’s Policy Prohibiting the Presence of a Transgender Student in the Restroom That Matches Their...

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Florida Legislature Proposes Bill Banning Transgender School/College Athletes From Girls’ & Women’s Sports

Legislation Would Allow Schools and Colleges to Request a Health Exam to Verify Student’s Sex...

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