Professional Liability

11th Circuit Clarifies Standard of Care Required Under Eighth Amendment for Hepatitis-C Inmates in Florida Prisons

Does the Eighth Amendment require Florida prison officials to treat all inmates with chronic Hepatitis-C with...

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Government and Administrative

Florida Limits Amount of Recovery in Mass Shootings

Barnett v. State of Florida and Its Effect on Governmental Entities who Are Sued for...

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Government and Administrative

Social Unrest, the COVID-19 Pandemic and School-Required Masks: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

With many public schools back in session, there is a new must-have accessory for students:...

Government and Administrative

Florida to Begin Issuing Hemp Cultivation Licenses

Starting April 27, 2020, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services will begin accepting...

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Government and Administrative

Florida Governor’s Executive Order 20-91: Florida is Closed, Violators are Subject to Custodial Arrest

The rapid spread of novel coronavirus (COVID 19) throughout Florida has created unprecedented challenges for...

Government and Administrative

Florida Makes It Easier to Appeal Non-Final Orders Denying State Immunity

Impact of Amendments to Florida Rule of Appellate Procedure 9.130 and Florida Highway Patrol v....

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Government and Administrative

How Businesses Can Defeat Website Accessibility Lawsuits

Most large and midsize companies have faced a new reality in recent years—make their websites...

Government and Administrative

More ADA Lawsuits Targeting Mobile Apps Are Likely Ahead

The Ninth Circuit earlier this year in Robles v. Domino’s Pizza, LLC, became the first...

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Commercial Litigation

What Law Enforcement Executives Need To Know About Website Accessibility Claims

This article was distributed as a "Red Alert" email to all members of the Florida...

Government and Administrative

Florida Supreme Court Resolves Conflict, Extends Stand Your Ground’ Immunity to LEOs

Originally published by on January 19, 2019, David Marsey discusses Florida’s statutory immunity from criminal...