Ding Dong! Lemon’s Dead: SCOTUS Clarifies Establishment Clause

Well that didn’t take long. Fresh off the Supreme Court’s June 2022 decision in Kennedy v. Bremerton School District, 142 S. Ct. 2407 (2022), the...

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Relief for Local Governments and Taxpayers: Court Limits Attorneys’ Fees Under Sunshine Law

Section 119, Florida Statutes, called the “Sunshine Law”, was designed to hold government accountable and...

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Government and Administrative

A Miranda Procedural Violation Does Not Necessarily Create a Civil Cause of Action for a Violation of the Fifth Amendment

The United States Supreme Court has recently held that a violation of the Miranda procedure...

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Florida’s Limited Waiver of Sovereign Immunity Requires Proof that Pre-Suit Statutory Notice of Claim Actually be Received within the Limitations Period

Sovereign immunity stands for the long-standing premise that the government cannot be sued without its...

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Confusion Follows Eleventh Circuit Decision In Seminal ADA Website Case Vacating Its Prior Ruling In Favor Of Winn-Dixie Based On Mootness

The litigation landscape for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) website claims grew murkier after the...
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United States Supreme Court Affirms Officers’ Entitlement to Qualified Immunity

Law enforcement critics have launched concerted attacks on the doctrine of qualified immunity in an...

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Judge Says Norwegian, Other Cruises Can Require Vaccine Passports in Fla., in Daily Business Review

Chase Hattaway and Michael Tessitore take a closer look at the recent ruling in an...


Cursing Cheerleader Wins at Supreme Court, but Schools Retain Ability to Punish Certain Off-Campus Speech

In the colorfully known “cursing cheerleader” case, the U.S. Supreme Court found a student’s school...

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Casualty Litigation

Incentivizing Customers In States Banning Vaccine Passports

Businesses across the nation are implementing measures to ensure that their customers have been vaccinated....

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Supreme Court Rejects Community Caretaking Doctrine to Authorize Warrantless Search of Home to Seize Firearms

The 21st Century law enforcement officer serves a variety of public service functions, only some...