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Fourth DCA: Florida Sunshine Law’s Strict Compliance vs Public Records Act Good Faith Exception

In yet another example of the Florida Sunshine Law’s virtually unblemished and undefeated record, the...

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The Who, What, Where and Why of Florida’s Public Records Law, and How to Avoid Pitfalls

Public agencies commonly slip up when navigating Florida’s public records law, which can result in...

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Florida Public Records Laws: Avoiding the Pitfalls and Mistakes that Lead to Expensive and Costly Litigation

Florida has the most open public records law in the country so it is imperative...

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Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals Reverses District Court Decision on Florida’s Vaccine Passport Ban

The decision is a win for the Florida governor who sought to protect Florida citizens...

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Freely Flying Flags Can Lead to Flagrant Free Speech Fouls

While it is axiomatic that when the government speaks, it speaks only for itself; however,...

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Eleventh Circuit Clarifies the Standard for the Abrogation of Government Officials’ Entitlement to Sovereign Immunity

The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals has recently clarified the legal standard necessary to strip...

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Ding Dong! Lemon’s Dead: SCOTUS Clarifies Establishment Clause

Well that didn’t take long. Fresh off the Supreme Court’s June 2022 decision in Kennedy...

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Relief for Local Governments and Taxpayers: Court Limits Attorneys’ Fees Under Sunshine Law

Section 119, Florida Statutes, called the “Sunshine Law”, was designed to hold government accountable and...

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A Miranda Procedural Violation Does Not Necessarily Create a Civil Cause of Action for a Violation of the Fifth Amendment

The United States Supreme Court has recently held that a violation of the Miranda procedure...

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Florida’s Limited Waiver of Sovereign Immunity Requires Proof that Pre-Suit Statutory Notice of Claim Actually be Received within the Limitations Period

Sovereign immunity stands for the long-standing premise that the government cannot be sued without its...

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