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Rumberger Sends Care Packages to Military Personnel

Rumberger Sends Care Packages to Military Personnel

“Everything in the packages is very much appreciated. Thank you again.  Although I do have one small request. Baby powder. Believe it or not, it’s very crucial to us. It helps us walk the same path as the person in front of you without stepping on any IED’s.  But that’s all that I request. There’re so many things in the packages that me and my friends share all of them, it makes us feel so good when people actually care about us. Once again I just wanted to say thank you, and maybe one day I can thank all of you in person.”

Lance Cpl., United States Marine Corps.

Since its first troop shipment in 2009, RumbergerKirk employees have packaged more than 500 boxes of goodies to send to military personnel deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan and other postings. “The firm receives many heartfelt notes of thanks and the occasional special order. The baby powder request came from a Marine unit that was stationed pretty close to the front and had lost a number of its platoon members. Requests for socks and coffee generally top the list,” said Lisa Griffin, legal assistant at Rumberger. Lisa has coordinated the quarterly shipments from the Orlando office since the project’s inception.
Special care is taken to include a well-rounded selection of items in each box and every mailing follows a theme inspired by a holiday or even sports. Fourth of July boxes included patriotic decorations that military personnel used to decorate their tents and barracks and a recent sports theme inspired employees to bring in team hats and t-shirts. “We always try to include something special in the boxes,” added Lisa. “The whole office participates. We spend weeks gathering items donated by attorneys and staff and then reserve a conference room for a half-day. People come in during their breaks and at lunchtime to assemble the boxes for shipment. Many of the attorneys and staff members provide financial assistance to offset mailing costs and the purchase of some very special items. We always have more than enough, Rumberger folks are very generous.”

Boxes are sent to men and women in all branches of the military. Many of the people who receive the boxes share with their buddies and occasionally ask Rumberger to add the name of a person who never receives mail from home, or a unit that is stationed at a remote outpost to the list of recipients.

Frank Sheppard, Managing Partner of the firm, said, “It feels really good to be a part of this and I’m very proud of our attorneys and staff for making the project so successful. Hearing from some of the men and women who are putting their lives at risk to keep Americans safe adds special meaning to what our staff is doing.”

“We received your care package today, I wanted to pass on a huge desert THANK YOU on behalf of my squadron for the package that your group has sent. I do not know your company or how you chose to support us, BUT please know that your support for us is appreciated. It’s easier for us to be away from our family and friends doing what we do knowing that people like you at RumbergerKirk are supporting folks like us out here in Iraq that you have never even met.”

“I’m a Marine deployed to Afghanistan right now. Recently I’ve been getting care packages from your business.  I’m not too sure how exactly you got my address but I wanted to say thank you.  Getting those packages has a huge impact on the way things go on around here.  Life is stressful, and tiring but getting little things like what you send me helps me out so much.  In fact, there’s so many packages that I’ve gotten that I had to split them up with my friends who haven’t gotten any whatsoever.  They wanted me to say thank you as well.  It feels good that people over 7,000 miles away from you are there to support you and your friends.  I hope that in the future I can repay you in some way, shape or form. Thank you again.”