Happy Hour, Happy Work Week

by Erica Clements
Week 5

This week offered some much-appreciated time to catch up on my assignment roster. I had a couple of Motions to Compel, deposition testimony summaries, and some other projects to chip away at on Monday. I also spent a solid chunk of the day researching to prepare a formal memorandum for partner Dan Gerber regarding procurement procedures for the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority. The research was a bit daunting at first, but I was able to wrap my head around it and learn a lot about independent special districts and Florida’s statutory law applicable to GOAA.

I balanced working on a research assignment for partner Lan Kennedy-Davis and continued working on the GOAA memo on Tuesday. After we submitted the finished product, Coleman and I received great feedback and were rewarded with another research project for next week!

Excited to sit in on a deposition and a welcome opportunity to multi-task! 

On Wednesday, the summer associates attended a seminar presented by partner Skip Eubanks on the importance of depositions. Depositions require a lot of preparation and critical understanding of the case and litigation strategies, but I love that it involves personal skills and quick conversational thinking as well. After listening to several of Skip’s war stories and anecdotes, I felt a little nervous about the pressure that accompanies the unknown of a deposition, but also very excited to learn how to conduct my own. More knowledge of evidence will better equip me to confidently raise deposition objections, but I am already feeling familiar with several common evidentiary objections – which was not something I was expecting at this point. It is gratifying to be able to recognize learning and improvement in real-time.

On Thursday afternoon, many of the associates and partners got together at Solita Tacos & Margaritas for a happy hour. We sipped on watermelon margaritas, snacked on tacos and house-made salsa, and chatted about our work, lives, weekend plans, and upcoming firm social events. I even got to meet Nick Sellas, one of last year’s summer associates who took a break from his bar prep to join us. I found it funny catching myself thinking of him as a micro-celebrity because: “Hey, I read your blog posts online!” Talking to him reminded me to enjoy the summer program while I can; bar prep will be here in no time. It was fun to see everyone outside of the office and take a breather from a busy work week.

On Friday, Coleman and I were invited to listen in on one of associate Devin Topper’s depositions, and I was grateful for the opportunity to pick Devin’s brain afterwards about his deposition preparation habits and his personal style. Later, I went to a lovely lunch with partner Charlie Mitchell and associates Hannah Klonowski and Madison Buckley. This week felt like a good representation of what life will be like during an average work week as a first-year associate (except I am enjoying more free lunches at present). I enjoy summer associate work much more than I enjoy law school – I get to learn so much with the added bonus of knowing I am helping an attorney at the firm with a case. I can’t wait to continue to take on new assignments next week!

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