First Week and First Impressions

by Erica Clements
Week 1

It feels like yesterday that I was finishing my interview process during 1L summer, and yet now my second year is over and the RumbergerKirk Summer Associate Program begins!

It was so nice to meet all of the summer associates who joined us in Orlando for our first two days of the program. After dinner and margaritas at Reyes Mezcaleria on Tuesday evening, we all felt a bit closer and had a great time getting to know each other and learning about the firm. It was bittersweet when everyone left for their respective offices on Wednesday afternoon, but I know they’re excited to get settled in and get to work.

This first week went by in a blur. We spent a lot of time training and understanding the document system. Although it doesn’t sound too exciting, having that information up front is incredibly helpful and paves the way for smooth sailing as we received our first projects. I am working on a Motion to Dismiss for Managing Partner, Frank Sheppard, two research assignments, and some miscellaneous work from my mentor, associate Sara Kallop. I’m excited to be working on an employment discrimination case right off the bat, and this particular case is familiarizing me with nearly every kind of employment claim there is!

Thanks Sara for the bagels!

We began preparing for our writing competition a bit early this year as it was released on Friday, but I am glad to have the information early. The more time for the competition, the better, since we don’t want it to interfere with the substantive work we are doing for the attorneys.

On Friday morning, Sara brought in bagels and coffee, and we enjoyed them with a lovely view of the city from the 15th floor kitchen. Then, in the evening, we closed out an exciting week at the office with happy hour in the lobby. It was a nice chance to meet anyone I hadn’t spoken to on my first couple of days, and to really experience the firm’s culture. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming, and it was special to see how much everyone enjoys each other’s company. Legal practice can be stressful, but it’s much easier when you have friendly colleagues to lend an ear, offer support, or just share a laugh.

On Sunday, Sara Kallop invited all of the associates to a barbeque at her house. We met Sara’s (very adorable) son, her expert-on-the-grill husband, and she found the time somewhere in her busy schedule to cook us some truly delicious food. This is my reminder to myself to ask her for her banana pudding recipe! It was a beautiful day and it was nice to just relax and chat with everyone by the pool. What a great week. Although the workload will be hefty this summer, it is balanced with a lot of opportunities for fun. I’m excited to see what next week has in store! 

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