Motions & Depos!

by Coleman Raush
Week 6

Happy Fourth of July! On Monday and Tuesday, I drafted a motion in limine to exclude evidence for partner Patrick Delaney. Drafting this motion felt similar to drafting the Daubert motion for the writing competition in some ways, because the motion concerned evidence that a proffered expert had referenced in one of his reports. I enjoy persuasive writing very much, and this assignment was a great opportunity to continue to build that skill.

Later that Monday afternoon, I watched associate Samendio Mathieu defend a deposition by a witness in one of his cases. So far, I had seen only depositions where our firm was asking the questions, so it was interesting to see the other side and hear how Samendio prepared for it. Samendio mentioned that he has some mediations coming up as well, so I am hoping to attend one of those next week. I am also working on a deposition summary for him in a different case.

Nothing like a good cup of java to get me through the day!

On Friday, I completed a research assignment for my mentor, Devin Topper, addressing whether the court can exclude evidence as irrelevant or prejudicial in one of his cases. I have not taken Evidence class yet at law school, but this assignment helped me to understand some of the nuances in the Federal Rules of Evidence.

The Orlando office bought pizza for everyone at the office at lunchtime, which was a nice way to end the week. This coming week looks like it will be very full because of our upcoming workshops, seminars, and the long-awaited introduction of the Mock Trial, so I spent the rest of the afternoon preparing for those activities!

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