Back in Action!

by Coleman Raush
Week 3

I am glad to be back in Orlando after attending a legal fellowship in Virginia for the past two weeks! After finishing my work for the day on Friday, I flew to Washington, D.C., and traveled to the fellowship with some other law students from the University of Florida. After arriving, I quickly met dozens of law students from across the country and began building relationships that I am sure will last for the rest of my legal career.

It’s great to be back at RumbergerKirk!

The fellowship was a wonderful time of professional development and learning. Each day, I would attend around five substantive sessions, where the speakers would discuss their individual areas of expertise and take questions from the audience. The speakers discussed fascinating topics including legal philosophy, principles of constitutional interpretation, and jurisprudence. Many of the speakers would remain at the fellowship for the rest of the day, which I was grateful for because it allowed me to ask them additional questions.

I especially enjoyed the times of small-group discussion that I participated in at the end of every day. Each of the ten law students that I was grouped with was from a different law school, and we were able to sharpen each other’s understandings of the topics we learned about that day. I am also happy to say that my group came out on top in the athletic competition that the fellowship hosted one night!

I am disappointed to have missed the amazing seminars that my fellow summer associates took part in over the past two weeks, but I look forward to the many opportunities that await in the future!

I am so appreciative that the firm allowed me to spend these two weeks taking part in a fellowship that was so personally significant to me, and I am glad to be able to continue my work this week.

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