I Love That We Do Real Work For Clients

by Coleman Raush
Week 5

It was another great week! I spent most of Monday creating deposition summaries for associate Samendio Mathieu by consolidating the important facts from two depositions into one-to-two page summaries. These assignments are important because they allow the client to quickly understand what happened at a deposition without having to read the sometimes two-hundred-page deposition transcript. It was also helpful for me to see the types of questions Samendio asked the witnesses to gain more information about the case.

I completed a research assignment for partner Steve Klein regarding discovery rights in arbitration, and then I went to the firm’s happy hour later that afternoon. The happy hour was held at a Mexican restaurant right around the corner from the office, and it was wonderful getting to spend time with everyone. I even got to meet Nick Sellas, one of last year’s summer associates!

Wednesday’s summer associate deposition seminar was phenomenal. Partner Skip Eubanks gave us detailed recommendations on how to conduct an effective deposition and what pitfalls to avoid for particular types of witnesses. I have really enjoyed learning about trial strategy this summer, and it was interesting to see how an effective deposition can set the stage for a successful trial or settlement in many ways. Skip’s emphasis on being curious about the deponent’s testimony and listening well were also excellent reminders.

Hanging with my mentor Devin!

On Thursday, I completed a memorandum for the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority analyzing a policy that the Authority may consider adopting. This was a collaborative assignment with Erica, so we both spent time on Wednesday afternoon researching the relevant laws and considering how they applied to GOAA’s situation. The final work product turned out very well, and it is amazing that summer associates are able to contribute to GOAA’s work.

I concluded my week by observing my mentor, Devin Topper, depose a plaintiff in one of his cases. Devin did excellently, and I appreciated being able to ask him questions about his strategy soon after the deposition. That afternoon, I also completed a research assignment on a property issue for associate Sara Kallop.

It is crazy that we have only about a month left of our Summer Associate Program, and I am looking forward to making the most of it!

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