This Summer is Flying By!

by Paige Risley
Week 5

I cannot believe that I am already at the halfway point in my summer with Rumberger! Every week has flown by so fast, and I can’t believe all of the new skills I have been able to learn in only five weeks with this firm.

On Monday, I finished reviewing a Motion to Compel that I had been revising, as well as completing some more research that I have been working on throughout my time here. I really enjoy how much Rumberger allows me to be involved in the litigation process so that I can really get a feel for how life as a litigation attorney will be. This program has definitely confirmed that I want to be a litigator.

I had the opportunity to work on a project for Tallahassee partner Richard Greenberg. I really like how Rumberger’s summer program is allowing me to not only meet, build connections with, and complete assignments for attorneys in the Birmingham office, but also foster those same relationships between all of the offices.

Wednesday brought new research, and a really interesting review of evidence and documents I haven’t seen before. Every day at Rumberger, I get exposure to new areas of the law and new pieces of a case, which is super exciting.

Great time at Activate!

After work on Thursday, I joined my mentor Fred Clarke and associate Julie Potts at Activate, which is an interactive amusement center in Birmingham. We were able to complete a bunch of exciting games, a lot of which involved team building and strategy. These games were so fun, and it made for a really unique office outing. After our time at Activate, we went to happy hour and dinner. We talked about how my summer is going, the goals I have for myself, and some things I am looking forward to as I jump into the next half of this summer. I’m so thankful that everyone at Rumberger truly cares about how my experience with the firm is and makes it a priority for me to meet my goals.

By the end of the week, I started preparing for the case briefing presentation I will give to the attorneys in the Birmingham office. Fred helped me brainstorm some ideas for this presentation, and I can’t wait until I am able to share it with everyone. Here’s to a great week 5, and a great first half of the summer with Rumberger! Week 6, here I come!

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