Work and Play! This is So Not a Dull Summer!

by Ashley Bechtold
Week 4

Week four has been filled with work and play! The week focused around researching, drafting, and revising for the Summer Associate Writing Competition, while also learning to balance multiple client assignments. As far as client assignments, I began working on a diverse range of research topics including for ADA, construction, and casualty cases. 

On Tuesday, partner Josh Lerner invited Andy and I to attend a meeting of the local Professionalism Panel of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit, of which Josh is chair. This was an amazing experience to hear perspectives of multiple attorneys and judges on important legal and ethical issues. 

Celebrating another great week at Puttshack!

We also attended the attorney luncheon with all offices to hear one of the firm’s founding partners, Bud Kirk, speak with everyone about the importance of jury selection and connecting with members of the jury. Bud explained strategic considerations including psychological and behavioral factors while offering techniques for effective jury selection. Afterwards, Andy presented two case briefs on exclusions to the rule against hearsay. Two excellent and insightful presentations back to back! 

On Thursday, the summer associates met for a Motion Seminar with Orlando partner Dan Gerber. Over the course of the last few weeks, I have written a few motions, so it was interesting to learn tips on how to actually argue motions at hearings. Each week, I look forward to a new seminar like this one that teaches us skills on how to be a lawyer and how to apply our skills in the most effective way. 

Friday came around and it was finally time to wrap up the Writing Competition motion! Partners Gigi Cordova, Mike Holt, Bob Fitzsimmons, and associates Erin Weinstock, Jessica Kerbel, Phoebe Thomas, Andy, and I grabbed some lunch at a nearby Thai restaurant. After the work day, we celebrated the end of the writing competition with an attorney happy hour at Puttshack. It was fun to unwind and see everyone’s putt-putt skills!

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