Week Six Just Flew By!

by Ashley Bechtold
Week 6

This past week has been jam-packed with preparation for the Summer Associate Motion Hearing and Deposition workshops, while also handling real client assignments.

On Monday, I was assigned a series of assignments from my mentor, associate Brittney Polo across various cases. These assignments included creating a mediation report and drafting a motion to dismiss, a motion to show cause, and a renewed motion to transfer venue. Each of these assignments was new to me, so I spent time looking at past examples to get a feel for how to draft each one effectively. It was very refreshing starting the week off with essentially a new workload of assignments so that I’m constantly understanding new cases, law, and writing skills.

Additionally, throughout the week, I revisited a research issue for partner Bob Fitzsimmons and associate Erin Weinstock, and I will now be using some of this research to draft a motion for summary judgment on the issue.

Love having a remote day!

On Wednesday, Andy and I sat in on a mediation by Tampa partner Carie Hall and Brittney. It was very informative to watch the quick back-and-forth between the parties. Additionally, I watched how Carie and Brittney collaborated with their client’s general counsel to make decisions throughout the mediation. Following the mediation, we attended the weekly attorney luncheon where Andy gave another great case brief presentation.

Thursday was the Fourth of July, so we had the day off! On Friday, we were given the option to work remotely for the day. This was a nice surprise following the holiday. I spent the day continuing my series of assignments and narrowing my focus to prepare for the deposition workshop. I spent some time reading over the materials, creating an outline of questions, and looking over past transcripts of depositions to prepare.

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