IT Director Avi Solomon Interviewed by Channel Futures about Top Cybersecurity Threats in 2019


The article, "Top Security Policy Tweaks and Tips for 2019," written by Pam Baker and published by Channel Futures on December 5 focuses on key policies that can enhance a company's security. Rumberger, Kirk & Caldwell IT Director addresses phishing attacks. Phishing is mass emailing in hopes of a few bites, spear-phishing is aimed at only specific targets, and whaling targets or spoofs the top executives in the organization.

“As people get better at recognizing and ignoring regular phishing attacks, threat actors have upped their game to try to be more convincing, making spear-phishing and whaling more commonplace,” explains Solomon.

In order to counter against these types of attacks, companies should have firm "question the boss" policies in place to that enable employees the ability to question commands that come from top executives.

Channel Futures is an online media brand focused on the digital services revolution. 

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