Casualty Litigation

Florida Supreme Court Could Finally Provide Clarity on Payment of Medical Expenses by Insurers under Florida PIP Statute

The Florida Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday, March 8, 2023, in the case of Allstate...

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Product Liability

Florida Product Liability Law: 4th DCA Affirms Summary Judgment with Key Holdings for Manufacturers

On June 15, 2022, the Fourth DCA issued its opinion in Michael Grieco v. Daiho...

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Product Liability

Ford vs. Forum Shopping: The Attempt to Limit Personal Jurisdiction to a “Causation Only” Analysis

Personal jurisdiction is perhaps one of the most complicated areas in litigation.  Each successive case...

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Product Liability

The Rise and Defense of Optional Feature Litigation

John’s Bad Day On a Sunday afternoon, John was driving his new 2017 base model...

Product Liability

U.S. Supreme Court Draws the Line: Invalidates $2.7 Million Dollar Discovery Sanction Against Manufacturer

On April 18, 2017, the U.S. Supreme Court made a bold and seemingly manufacturer-friendly pronouncement...

Employment and Labor

What To Know About Website Accessibility Claims

The new battleground for Plaintiffs filing ADA accessibility cases involves claims of barriers not in...


Coordinating Discovery in Mass Tort Litigation

In mass tort litigation, such as personal injury suits arising out of airline crashes or...

Product Liability

Defense Strategies When Confronting the Perils of an Inconsistent Verdict

New decision by the Florida Supreme Court Eliminates Important Defense Protection in Cases Involving Inconsistent...

Product Liability

Third DCA: Applying Daubert Under Florida Law in Perez v. Bell South Telecommunications, Inc.

The Third District Court of Appeal of Florida recently issued an opinion in Perez v....

Casualty Litigation

What Lies Ahead as Florida Transitions to Daubert

Florida Governor Rick Scott has signed into law a piece of legislation that transforms Florida...