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Centimark Corp. Retains $168,000 Judgment on Appeal Against Roofing Subcontractors

Centimark Corp. Retains $168,000 Judgment on Appeal Against Roofing Subcontractors

MIAMI, FL –CentiMark Corporation, a roofing contractor, sought damages from A to Z Coatings & Sons, Inc. (a Georgia corporation) and A to Z Coatings, Inc. (a Florida corporation) after the subcontractors failed to provide acceptable coatings in a series of roofing jobs.  After a bench trial, the court ruled in favor of CentiMark and entered judgment for $168,434.36 against both A to Z Coatings corporations, jointly and severally.  On July 30, the U.S. States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit supported the original ruling, awarding CentiMark an amount identical to that outlined in the previous trial.

RumbergerKirk Partner Greg Palmer tried the first case on behalf of CentiMark, earning the initial judgment. Partner Josh Lerner and Associate Rossana Mena represented CentiMark on appeal.

CentiMark Corporporation sought damages from A to Z Coatings of Georgia and A to Z Coatings of Florida after determining that four roofs the subcontractors were hired to coat in 2001 and 2002 were leaking. 

Though A to Z Coatings & Sons, Inc. ceased doing business in 2004, the company’s owners continued doing similar business as A to Z Coatings, Inc.  CentiMark contended that the remaining A to Z Coatings was responsible for the defunct corporation’s damages as its successor corporation.

Under Florida law, a predecessor corporation’s liability may be imposed on its successor corporation if: (1) the successor assumes the obligations of the predecessor; (2) the transaction is a de facto merger; (3) the successor is a mere continuation of the predecessor; or (4) the transaction is fraudulent effort to avoid the liabilities of the predecessor.  The court determined that A to Z Coatings of Florida was a mere continuation of A to Z Coatings of Georgia, due to the similar principals, the similar nature of their businesses, the timing of A to Z Coatings of Florida’s incorporation, and additional evidence.

Because both A to Z Coatings corporations are owned and operated by the same three family members, and because individuals from both corporations performed work on the properties in question, both A to Z Coatings & Sons, Inc. and A to Z Coatings, Inc. were found to be at fault.

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Palmer, Lerner and Mena work out of RumbergerKirk’s Miami office.


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