Legal Ethics: Multijurisdictional Practice Issues
National Business Institute, Teleconference

Legal Ethics: Multijurisdictional Practice Issues

Mitigate Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL) Risks in Your Practice

During this National Business Institute (NBI) Seminar teleconference, Craig Alexander discussed the many UPL hazards presented by modern technology. He reviewed current applications of the UPL rules to ensure firms are practicing ethically and share best practices for extrajurisdictional negotiations, mobile law offices, vacation homes and pro hac vice admissions.

Key points addressed during the seminar included:

  • How to identify and analyze potential UPL issues in your practice;
  • What you can and can’t do when advertising your services;
  • What UPL pitfalls are associated with interstate negotiations;
  • Ethical guidance on telecommuting and working from a vacation home; and
  • How to navigate your professional duties in pro hac vice admissions.

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