Busy Week with Real Client Work

by Madison Temple
Week 3

Another week in the books! This week started with all of other summer associates meeting with Orlando partner Samantha Duke so that she could give us the run down on how to prepare a strong and persuasive motion. Her presentation was extremely helpful and I have already had the chance to take her tips and tricks and implement them into my own writing. After the presentation, I joined a mediation with Rob Blank and Jenna Thompson. Rob gave an incredible opening statement and the client kept giving Jenna compliments on how wonderful she had been to work with as the case was coming to a resolution.

Look Mom…Real Motions!

I spent most of Tuesday doing some research, drafting motions, and putting together my first ever pre-mediation report. The next day, I started my morning by accompanying associate Angel Everett to perform an inspection with a client. While on the premises, we even got chauffer service! As in, the client was nice enough to give us rides on a golf cart to get us to where we needed to be. I arrived at the office a little later in the day because of the inspection, so I got back to revising and finalizing some of the assignments that I had been working on.

The week ended with how it began – all of the summer associates attended another insightful workshop. This one was presented by associate Alexander Melvin as he taught us the ins and outs of evidence and objections. He did a great job and kindly answered all of the questions that I had. This workshop was super helpful, especially as the mock trial gets closer and closer. I ended the day by working on the Daubert motion that I am preparing for the Summer Associate Writing Competition. I have already learned so much and this week has been no exception!

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