Funny How the Seminars Match the Real Work We’re Doing

by Madison Temple
Week 4

Another week down and I learned so much this week! I began the week continuing to work on preparing an affidavit and some redactions for a Motion for Attorneys’ Fees and Costs in a case that the firm had won. I also continued to perfect my arguments for the Daubert motion I was preparing for the Summer Associate Writing Competition. Later that day I, prepared some research regarding defective public sidewalks for associate Madison Miller.

Another fun happy hour with the RK associates!

The summer associates had a check in with partner Brett Carey about time keeping and billing. Surprisingly, I have been able to get in the groove of billing for what I do in the office and making sure I enter it as soon as possible. I definitely thought that would be something that I struggled with, but the systems that we use make it so easy!

I attended my first attorneys’ luncheon where the attorneys get together, have lunch, and someone gives a presentation. This time around, we heard from one of the firm’s founding partners, Bud Kirk, who give a presentation on all of the tips and tricks that he has been able to formulate when it comes to voir dire. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to see this presentation. Not only is Bud a great storyteller, but the things that he had to say were really insightful and something that I know I can follow when I become an attorney.

I spent some of my time on Thursday helping associate Angel Everett with communicating with some attorneys in Puerto Rico to assist us with a matter we are handling. Later that day, I watched my mentor Blake Bonsack argue a Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings. I had never handled one of those nor had I come across the issues he was arguing, so that was another first for me. I ended the day by going to happy hour with some of the associates and, as always, I really enjoyed getting to know them a bit more.

The week flew by and Friday was here before I knew it. The office was a bit quiet so I took some time to put the final touches on my Daubert motion before submitting it. To bring the week to an end, I was also able to join a Zoom meeting where Rob Blank was taking the deposition of an expert all the way out in California! It was one of those cool moments in which I did not realize how much I’ve learned in completing some of the summer associate tasks. Throughout the deposition, some of the issues I wrote about in my Daubert motion came up and because I had spent so much time crafting the arguments in my own motion, I knew exactly where the deposition was headed. It was a great experience and I cannot wait to have more of those moments throughout the rest of the summer.  

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