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Rumberger Staff Ships Care Packages to Military Personnel

Rumberger Staff Ships Care Packages to Military Personnel

pictureSeveral times each year, RumbergerKirk sends boxes of treats and little luxuries to military personnel deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan and other postings. In its most recent shipment, 40 boxes were sent to 10 units of marines, soldiers and sailors.

News of the firm’s generous spirit has traveled widely, often resulting in special requests, which are always fulfilled. SPC Hendricks recently contacted Lisa Griffin, who has coordinated the quarterly shipments from the Orlando office since the firm’s first shipment in 2009, after getting her name from another unit.

“This is SPC Hendricks from FOB Frontenac we have a platoon size element here and I was wondering about y’all’s procedures to send packages so that I can send whatever information you may need.”

Thank you, SPC Hendricks

“Everyone in the office supports our efforts. It takes a lot of work and I appreciate all the people who shopped, donated postage, helped with labels, packing, taping and taking the boxes to the post office,” said Lisa. “We always include personal hygiene and food staples, as well as the ever-popular magazines, books and games. Occasionally, we fill a special request and we try very hard to be sure each box has a personal touch.”

Correspondence from enlisted personnel not only offer gratitude for the goodies, but often opens a rare window into the important work they do.

“Since we have not spoke, I thought you might like to hear about our mission. I am a UH-60 (Blackhwk) pilot in a medevac (DUSTOFF) company. It is our privilege to retrieve/transport injured soldiers to a higher level of care, as fast as possible. We all take great pride in doing this mission, but never look forward to our services being needed. In closing, thank you again for remembering us. Hopefully, the need for care packages will be coming to an end soon.”

CW2 Eric Franz

The next shipment will be scheduled for the Holiday season.