Week Five – Variety, the Spice of Life!

by Nicholas Sellas
Week 5

This week was a crazy week! We are halfway through the Summer Associate Program, and I cannot believe the personal development that I have undergone so far. I could never imagine being as productive and effective with my time as I am now. The most surprising aspect of my work at RumbergerKirk is how varied my assignments can be.

For example, this week, I drafted a summary for a client of a law in Florida that the Governor recently signed. The next day, I researched topics ranging from the use of a corporate representative’s deposition as the basis for a motion for summary judgment to the ability to add Fabre defendants with sovereign immunity protections. I also completed, from scratch, a Response in Opposition to a Motion to Amend a Complaint by Interlineation. On top of all of this, I completed six motions in limine, and that is only a fraction of the work I completed this week.

With all this business, there must be room for pleasure, and sure enough, there was! By happenstance, we had firm happy hours on back-to-back days this week. This was an excellent chance to interact with both associates and partners of the firm in a more relaxed manner. Something I have really come to appreciate about RumbergerKirk is the approachable nature of everyone in the firm. It is a wonderful feeling to know that I can connect with anyone whether they are a first-year associate or a senior partner.

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