Work Hard, Play Hard

by Nicholas Sellas
Week 7

From the start of the week, my focus was aimed towards a case brief that I was to present during the attorneys lunch on Wednesday. This was an exciting opportunity as I could choose any case I wanted and I would have the complete attention of the Orlando attorneys. I wanted to present a topical case, so I decided to present a case that involved an order denying the retroactive application of HB 837. This is a big topic for any litigation firm and I wanted to inform the office of some arguments we might face when arguing over this subject in hearings. 

Preparation for this presentation was vital as I needed to be informed and well-rehearsed. This preparation occurred while keeping up with all the other work I was assigned this week. To say the least, I was very busy this week. However, this busyness paid off, as I did very well during my presentation. I was able to answer multiple questions from both associates and partners which vindicated the hard work I put into preparing for the meeting.

Besides my case presentation, I also had the opportunity to attend my first deposition of a plaintiff in person this week. This was very enjoyable as it was a lot more engaging than the many virtual depositions that I have attended. There is a clear difference between in-person and virtual depositions, and I am glad I had the opportunity to learn this difference firsthand. I hope that I will have the chance to attend more in-person depositions before the summer is over.

On Thursday, many of the attorneys at the firm attended the Orange County Bar Association Young Lawyers Section “Law Clerks & Young Lawyers Reception” at the Orange County Regional History Center. This was a fantastic event as attorneys from throughout Orlando attended and mingled with each other. I really enjoyed seeing some of my friends from FSU and hearing about their summer so far.

Finally, this week was capped off with a BBQ hosted by partner Steve Klein. I have been looking forward to this BBQ for weeks because I really enjoy the firm’s social events. They give us an opportunity to socialize with the associates and partners of the firm in a way that is just not possible in the office. 

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