It’s Amazing How Much You Progress

by Keyondra Harrison
Week 8

This week was another week full of new experiences that were both fun and challenging. Early in the week, the other summer associates and I participated in a workshop on how to enter evidence during trial. The workshop was conducted by associate Reggie Guillaume. We practiced and role-played entering evidence through a witness. It was challenging because most of us were unfamiliar with the language and process of entering evidence through a witness. Still, Reggie, like all the workshop instructors before him, created a safe and supportive environment for each of us to learn and grow.

This week, I researched two civil procedure related issues which helped me solidify my understanding of our various court systems and how they interact. Writing a memo outlining the current case law regarding a nuanced civil procedure issue was rewarding. Learning by doing helps me transform pieces of information that were previously understood in isolation into comprehensive bodies of knowledge.

Additionally, I wrote my opening statement and direct examination question to prepare for the upcoming mock trial. I practiced in front of partner Scott Williams for the opening statement and partner Pete Tepley for the direct examination. They both provided helpful feedback and adjustments I could make to be more effective. The fantastic part is that a month ago, I had never written an opening statement or conducted a direct examination and I was nervous about both. But this week, I wrote an opening statement with relative ease and was confident in the direction I wanted to take my direct examination. For the increase in knowledge and confidence, I thank RumbergerKirk’s investment in me as an emerging trial lawyer over the last eight weeks. 

The week ended with the “Summer Associate Outing,” in which the Birmingham office went to Top Golf. We played golf, laughed and had a wonderful time. The food was delicious, and there was even a cake that said, “Hope your summer with us has been great,” which it has been. Words can not express my gratitude for RumbergerKirk and the Birmingham office.

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